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EXFO MaxTester 715B

Point-to-point testing, last-mile installation and troubleshooting OTDR

The most efficient handheld OTDR with  7-inch touchscreen
MaxTester 715B is the perfect choice for last-mile OTDR. It’s iOLM ready. This advanced software turns even the most complex trace analysis into a simple one-touch task. With MaxTester 715B it’s so easy to locate noise.

The first tablet-inspired OTDR is intuitive and its Windows-like GUI ensures a fast learning curve. The Key features are: startup in less than 1 second, 7-inch, outdoor-enhanced touchscreen and 12-hour autonomy. Its rugged design is also an advantage for outside plant. Applications: FTTx last-mile installation and troubleshooting, short access-network testing, FTTA fiber-DAS installations, CATV/HFC network testing.



  • 7-inch, outdoor-enhanced touchscreen
  • startup in less than 1 second
  • storage: 2 Gbit (20 000 curves)
  • iOLM ready: intelligent and dynamic application that turns complex OTDR trace analysis into a one-touch task
  • intuitive Windows GUI
  • rugged design built for outside plant
  • deadzone: EDZ 1m, ADZ 4m
  • dynamic range: 30/28/28 dB
  • plug-and-play: 2 USB-ports, power meter, VFL
  • VNC configuration 
  • direct pdf reports


  • FTTx last-mile installation and troubleshooting
  • short access-network testing
  • FTTA fiber-DAS installations
  • CATV/HFC network testing