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Intelligent NID on a SFP

At a time when global network operators are demanding performance assurance across their entire network, they face many restrictions; such as physical limitations with their small cells deployments or with legacy equipment which does not provide the same service assurance functionality as newer equipment - thereby limiting the network operators visibility into their network performance.The NanoNID provides NID service performance management capabilities such as Remote Troubleshooting, Performance Measuring and Capacity Planning. With its small footprint, the NanoNID is ideal for locations that are limited in rack-space and/or power capacity. Furthermore, the Accedian NanoNID empowers network operators to easily perform in-line and off-line service performance assurance through Y.1731 with LBM and LBR capabilities, all from a single device. More specifically, in an off-line configuration, the NanoNID allows service providers to upgrade legacy networks by seamlessly adding performance assurance capabilities in an in-service fashion.



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V-NID & NanoNID - Delivering end-to-end network performance visibility

  • Future Proof Field Programmability: New functionality can easily be downloaded remotely to the NanoNID, without the need for a truck roll
  • Remote management: With its unique design, the NanoNID can be managed remotely without the need for an embedded software agent
  • Allows for the seamless integration with existing Accedian Networks suite of V-NID™ Actuators
  • Layer 3 performance management and troubleshooting with a TWAMP-Lite option
  • Allows for RFC-2544 and ITU-T Y.1564 automated Service Activation Testing capabilities