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High-Density Performance Assurance and Service Creation

Agile and resilient, the MetroNID GT allows network operators and service providers to effectively deliver business Ethernet services through fiber efficient, and highly resilient G.8032v2 ring architecture, and allows for the monetization of their networks, while keeping costs in check and protecting existing revenue streams.Typical point-to-point links or hub and spoke networks have limited scalability and density. Accedian Networks’ MetroNID GT, with its ring networking capabilities, provides service providers with reliability, overcomes operational, management and performance limitations, eliminates points of failure, creates redundancy and ensures quality of service (QoS). Furthermore, as gigabit Ethernet and packet-based networking becomes the standard for business services, networks are expected to deliver carrier-grade QoS but service providers are facing the challenge of visibility in the network – the ability to identify, isolate and to quickly resolve issues to minimize the impact on services. This is where Accedian’s industry leading high performance service creation and service assurance functionality comes into play.

Product Highlights

  • 1 μs measurement resolution
  • Ultra-low delay performance
  • Ideal for assuring real-time services

Service Assurance and Creation Features

  • Establish SLA-backed Ethernet services, point-to-point and multi-point
  • Enhanced fast and flexible service creation by shaping, policing, and mapping any VLAN IDs to the same EVC.
  • 1-way delay and delay variation, throughput, packet loss, continuity and usage statistics 

Ultra Low Latency Fast-PAAs™ Processor

Wire-Speed Performance

At the core of the MetroNID® GT is Accedian's unique Fast-PAAs™ hardware-based processor which enables the unit to provide microsecond measurement resolution for one-way delay and delay variation, and monitor up to 300 flows or SLAs – all while traffic flows transparently through the unit. The Fast-PAAs silicon core architecture eliminates the delay of store-and-forward processing of Ethernet switches and routers providing the lowest delay solution available today. With quality of service (QoS) marking, bandwidth profile enforcement and traffic conditioning on the highest capacity network links, the MetroNID GT effortlessly handles up to 128 flows in a full line-rate link with mere microsecond transit time.



Service Assurance and Testing Functionality

  • PAA™ and SLA-Meter™
    High-performance, hardware assisted demarcation devices monitor and measure delay, delay variation, frame loss and continuity, including 1-way performance validation with microsecond resolution. Multi-flow, multi-service, multi-site performance assurance enables real-time SLA assurance over any network. Devices also support point-to-point, multipoint, ring and mesh topologies, as well as unicast and multicast testing
  • Y.1564 Automated Service Activation Testing
    Enhanced test suite that allows simultaneous service activation testing at Layer 2 and 3 of up to 8 classes of service or 8 distinct single-CoS services. Based on the methodology defined in ITU-T Y.1564, it enables verification of both service configuration and performance parameters (CIR, EIR, EMIX, frame delay, frame delay variation and frame loss, one-way and two-way measurements and availability)
  • RFC-2544 Automated Test Suite and Reports
    Advanced tool based on the RFC-2544 standard that can be used to measure and diagnose throughput, delay, delay variation, frame loss, and back-to-back efficiency
  • Intelligent Loopbacks
    In-service Layer 1, 2, 3 and 4 loopbacks per-flow, defined by VLAN, Service-Level, MAC/IP addresses or any combination of Layer 2, 3 and 4 header criteria. Units respond to in-band loop-up commands from most third-party Ethernet test sets and monitoring systems, as well as via ITU-T Y.1731 standards & IEEE 802.3ah
  • Per-Flow Statistics
    Real-time statistics of any Layer 2, 3 and 4 fl ow (VLAN, ToS, CoS, MAC, IP, TCP/UDP)
  • Tapping & Monitoring
    Single or dual monitor ports, filtered, real-time access to unidirectional or bidirectional traffic

Service Creation & Traffic Conditioning

  • Service Mapping
    Service mapping applies C/S VLAN tags (selective push) and/or configurable service class to traffic meeting detailed Layer 2, 3 and 4 criteria. Fast and flexible VLAN to EVC mapping enables mapping an arbitrary set of VLANs to the same EVC
  • Bandwidth Policing
    Upstream and downstream CIR/EIR limits by filtering criteria or for all traffic. Facilitates Carrier Ethernet service provisioning and on-demand/incremental service upgrades
  • Wire-Speed Filtering
    Filtering of wire speed traffic at Layer 1, 2, 3 and 4 (L2CP, BDPU, per VLAN, Ethertype, Protocol type, MAC, IP, User Defi ned)
  • Switch-Free Aggregation
    Delay-free, multi-port aggregation modes by implementing a full connectivity mesh between the ports. Protected pair and ITU-T G.8032v2 protected ring also supported