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Accurate Service Performance Measurements in Real-Time

MetroNID® GPS is designed to assure real-time services with an embedded GPS receiver that provides highly accurate clock synchronization for 1-way measurements of delay and delay variation of Ethernet links with guaranteed 1 microsecond precision. Purpose-built with a high performance hardware design, MetroNID GPS works with both indoor and outdoor antennas, tracks up to 12 satellites, and raises alarms if the GPS signal is lost. This MetroNID synchronization option is ideally-suited for networks where your competitive edge is tied into the accuracy of your network performance measurements.

Purpose-built, High Performance, Hardware Design

  • 1 μs measurement resolution
  • Ultra-low pass-through delay and delay variation
  • Ideal for assuring real-time services
  • Embedded GPS receiver
  • Provides time of day, phase and frequency synchronization
  • Accurate 1-way measurements of delay and delay variation
  • High precision NTP server with hardware time stamping for any NTP client in the network
  • Works with indoor or outdoor antenna
  • Tracks up to 12 satellites
  • Raises alarms if GPS signal is lost

Service Assurance and Creation Features

  • Establish SLA-backed Ethernet services, point-to-point and multi-point
  • Monitor in-service – no effect on traffic
  • 1-way delay and delay variation, throughput, packet loss, continuity and usage statistics 

Ultra Low Latency Fast-PAAs™ Processor

Wire-Speed Performance

At the core of the MetroNID® GPS is Accedian's unique Fast-PAAs™ hardware-based processor which enables the unit to provide microsecond measurement resolution for one-way delay and delay variation, and monitor up to 100 flows or SLAs – all while traffic flows transparently through the unit. The Fast-PAAs silicon core architecture eliminates the delay of store-and-forward processing of Ethernet switches and routers providing the lowest de¬lay solution available today. With quality of service (QoS) marking, bandwidth profile enforcement and traffic conditioning on the highest capacity network links, the MetroNID GPS effortlessly handles up to 60 flows in a full line-rate link with mere microsecond transit time.



Service Assurance and Testing Functionality

  • Throughput SLA Meter™ Performance Monitoring
    Monitor and measure delay, delay variation, frame loss and continuity, including 1-way performance validation with microsecond resolution
  • Intelligent Layer 1, 2, 3 and 4 Loopbacks
    In-service Layer 1, 2, 3 and 4 loopbacks per-flow, defined by VLAN, Service-Level, MAC / IP addresses or any combination of Layer 2, 3, and 4 header criteria
  • In-Service Throughput Testing
    Throughput verification of EVCs in-service without affecting customer traffic, generates and analyzes traffic flow up to full wire-speed at both Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • RFC-2544 Automated Test Suite & Reports
    Throughput measurement and diagnosis for delay, delay variation, frame loss, advanced test suite based on the RFC-2544 standard
  • Per-Flow Statistics
    Real-time statistics of live traffic Llayer 2, 3 and 4 flow (per VLAN, ToS, CoS, MAC, IP, TCP/UDP)
  • Tapping & Monitoring
    Single or dual monitor ports provide filtered, real-time access to unidirectional or bidirectional traffic

Service Creation & Traffic Conditioning

  • Service Mapping
    E-Line, E-LAN and E-Tree service creation directly at the demarcation point. Service mapping applies C/V-LAN tags (selective push) and/or configurable service class to traf¬fic meeting detailed layer 2, 3 and 4 criteria. Fast and flexible VLAN to EVC mapping enables mapping an arbitrary set of VLANs to the same EVC
  • Bandwidth Policing
    Upstream and downstream CIR/EIR/CBS/EBS limits by filtering criteria or for all traffic. Facilitates Carrier Ethernet service provisioning and on-demand/incremental service upgrades
  • Zero-Delay Traffic Shaping
    Pre-conditioning accelerates services and optimizes access link bandwidth use, Fast-PAAs passes highest-priority traffic without added delay or delay variation, other traffic buffered until capacity is available
  • Wire-speed Traffic Filtering
    Filtering of wire speed traffic at layer 2-3-4 (per VLAN, Ethertype, Protocol type, MAC, IP, L2CP, BDPU, User Defined)
  • Switch-Free Aggregation
    Delay-free, multi-port aggregation from up to 3 ports to a single GbE, or from 2 GbE’s to a single GbE or protected pair, de-aggregate by VLAN, or any combination of Layer 2 – 4 frame criteria

Management & General Details

  • Plug & Go™ Instant Provisioning
  • RADIUS Authentication and Security Support
  • Jumbo Fames Support
  • SNMP v1 & v2c
  • 5VDC, or dual 24 / 48 VDC feeds, all mutually redundant
  • MEF 9+14 and NEBS Level 3 Certified
  • Temperature Hardened Option
  • 1:1 Network and Client Link Protection
  • Copper Failover Bypass Circuit (On select MetroNID GPS models)