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High speed fiber preparation system for production environments

The fully automated, high-speed fiber preparation unit AutoPrep II™ strips, cleans and cleaves a fiber in less than 15 seconds. It is designed primarily for industrial applications, where accuracy, reliability and a high production yield are required.
The AutoPrep II™ is used for fast and chemical free fiber preparation of acrylate-based fiber coatings and meets the highest industrial requirements of fast and consistent fiber preparation with extreme cleanliness and high fiber strength. Optimal cleaves are generated by a highly advanced and patent pending cleaving process.
It has a user friendly design. Guided fiber holders easily place the fibers in the correct position and a ”One Touch” go button starts the automatic preparation process.
A controlled hot air flow instantly vaporizes the coating of the fiber. The result is a perfectly stripped and clean fiber. The stripped area is free of debris when viewed at 400x magnification and the strength is typically >30 N (355 kpsi)*. The cleaver produces typical cleave angles of less than 0.5 degrees.
To ensure high quality and repeatability, all processes of stripping, cleaning and cleaving are controlled by the built-in microprocessor. The AutoPrep II™ is adapted for stand-alone use and is compatible with all leading fusion splicers, using
optional adaptors.

  • Fast cycle time
  • 100% clean fiber
  • High strength
  • Low cleave angles < 0.5 degrees
  • Fully automated
  • Operator independent
  • Automatic fiber waste collection