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NYFORS AutoCleaver S1

The AutoCleaver S1™ senses the edge of the coating to automatically adjust the bare fiber length after cleaving. This feature is valuable when a specific and accurate bare fiber length is required. The requested bare fiber length is specified by the customer at order and can be fine tuned by software between 0 and 500 μm.

The cleaver is available for 80 and 125 μm fibers. The end face quality is excellent. Cleave angles are typically less than 0.3 degrees. The standard deviation of the bare length is +/- 0.01* for a 125/250 μm fiber and +/- 0.06* for a 80/170 μm fiber. In both cases the bare fiber length was 3.4 mm.

A built-in microprocessor controls all parameters and settings such as fiber positioning, clamping, fiber tension and the exact position and speed of the diamond blade. The result is a perfect cleave every time.

The cleaver can be connected to a PC that gives access to all programmable parameters and settings.

The AutoCleaver S1™ comes in a small bench top design.

Short facts

  • Fully automatic
  • Low cleave angles, < 0.3 degrees
  • Very flat end faces
  • Operator independent
  • Designed for production environments
  • Automatic fiber waste collection
  • Long-lasting diamond
  • Available for 80 and 125 µm clad. fiber
  • PC controllable


Cladding diameter 80 and 125 µm**
Coating diameter 160-400 µm
Cleave Angle Typical < 0.3 degrees
No of cleaves/blade >30 000
Fiber waste length Typical < 20mm, automatic disposal
Power supply External 12 V DC, 15 W
Compressed air supply External compressor***, 6 Bar, 4 mm instant push-in fitting
PC Interface RS-232
Dimensions 175 mm (W) x 138 mm (D) x 104 mm (H)
Weight 1.4 kg