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NYFORS Angle Cleaving Unit

The Angle cleaving unit™ is a specially designed rotary clamp that can be mounted on NYFORS AutoCleaver LDF™ as an add on. This upgrade allows the cleaver to be used not only for perpendicular cleaving but also for variable angle cleaving of fibers ranging from 230 up to more than 800 µm in diameter.

The cleave angle is set using a micrometer screw positioner allowing the operator to quickly adjust the cleaver for different cleave angles. Meanwhile the patent pending tension and scribe cleaving process used in NYFORS large diameter cleavers ensures consistent high quality cleaving results with < 0.5 degree precision. In this way variable cleave angles from 0 to < 9 degrees (for fibers with cladding diameters of about 250 µm) and up to more than 15 degrees (for cladding diameters above 450-500 µm) can be created with the highest degree of repeatability and accuracy.

Note that the Angle cleaving unit™ cannot be used independently and that it needs a NYFORS large diameter fiber cleaver to be operated. For further information about usage and installation, please contact NYFORS or your local distributor.

  • Produces variable cleave angles from 0 to < 15 degrees
  • High precision
  • Easy handling
  • Enables upgrading of NYFORS large diameter fiber cleavers for variable angle cleaving